Liberty Course with Hayley

We are super excited to announce our upcoming 3 weeks Liberty training course with horsewoman & trainer Hayley Needham! Hayley has learned from the best all over the world and developed her very unique, soft and passionate own way to teach liberty! She is now sharing her knowledge exclusively in selected clinics and this will be a great opportunity to experience an amazing horsewoman sharing her insights with you in cooperation with our fantastic Joseph's Dream Horses! Experience 3 weeks in total harmony with nature, living and communicating with horses. An amazing opportunity to gain confidence and connect with gentle horses from the ground surrounded by the magic of Namibia's quiet and unique nature!

09 - 30 August 2021

To join the program and book your stay with us please apply at: This course is part of our Equine Volunteer Program and the costs are 450 Euro per week. Limited spots available only. Please learn more about your stay here:

About Hayley: Hayley is a freelance Natural Horsemanship trainer, equine behaviour consultant, dressage instructor, physical rehab consultant, and liberty coach who developed her very own way of training that is effective, safe, biomechanically healthy and kind. @elegant_equitation

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