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Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce had a dream, the dream that all nations could live in peace with each other.

Joseph’s Dream Stud is more than just a breeding stud! We are training people and horses. But mainly letting horses teach people: how to listen... listen to nature, listen to silence, listen to the old drums of the earth beating.


The healing power that comes with connecting to the soul of these incredible creatures allows us to open up and learn the language to be spoken to make Joesph’s Dream a reality in this world… between people, people and animals, people and this planet.

Joseph's Dream Stud is situated on Retreat Farm Sandwerf Namibia, in one of the most beautiful landscapes of the country, with a riverbed running through and covered with hundreds of years old camel-thorn trees. 


The founders of Joseph's Dream Stud & Training Center are Annika Funke-Barnard and Leon Barnard. Annika is the breeder, manager and also the photographer of the Joseph's Dream Horses ( her husband Leon is the Archtitect and Designer of the farm and it's beautiful entire setup. 

Come visit us and surround yourself with the healing and inspiring spirit of Joseph’s Dream in the silence of the African bush! 

Learn more about our retreats and projects and let us shape your personal JD journey to make your own Joseph's Dream come true... 

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