Equine Volunteer

Joseph's Dream Equine ​Volunteer Program 

Our Joseph's Dream Equine Volunteer Project offers the opportunity for international explorers to participate in our equine assisted activities while enjoying one of the most desired Equestrian Estates in Southern Africa located in an attractive trail riding area. The project is framed by our  Natural Horsemanship training course with our Joseph's Dream Appaloosa Stud horses on location.  


The program offers a uniquely shaped package for you as an individual out of the following activities, tasks and highlights: 


  • Horsemanship training sessions  

  • Study time  

  • Training horses  

  • Starting horses 

  • Assisting with rehabilitation of local neglected/abused horses 

  • Horse caretaking 

  • Alpaca caretaking 

  • Assisting with Joseph’s Dream Community Youth Program (Equine Assisted Kids Activities)

  • Trail rides  

  • Private time to recharge, relax and absorb the beauty of Namibia's stunning nature & our gorgeous horse family 

  • Develop new skills, make new friends and work in a great team of people; of which the consistent core is formed by our friendly and talented Horse Workers from the ancient Namibian San tribe and their amazing families.  

Our peaceful and modern shaped green village provides accomodation for you during your stay in one of our brand-new chalets with private toilet and bathroom. Our very limited number of Volunteers ensures that the desired family character of the program stays alive and provides the opportunity for personal shaped day programs according to your unique interests, talents and desires. 


The minimum stay for the Joseph’s Dream Equine Volunteer Program is two weeks and the maximum length of stay three months.

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Logistic and Prices 

If you are interested in joining us here at Joseph's Dream and make your real hands on own African Experience please drop us an email with some info about your experience level in horsetraining or (/and) your motivation why Joseph’s Dream is the place for you to be at:



Helpful skills: Experience with horses / people skills / experience with children / team spirit / artistic skills / kind spirit & a good heart ❤

If you are green with horses and come to learn yourself then what you need to be to apply is: An animal lover! 


Cost per person: N$10 150-00 (+/- 600 Euro depending on currency exchange rate) per week for stays total length of stay under 3 weeks; N$9 100-00 (+/- 550 Euro depending on currency exchange rate) per week for stays from 3 weeks to 3 months. 

What's included:

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Supper, Water, Juice, Tea, Coffee 

  • Accommodation in one of our brand new Chalets, with private bathroom & Mini Pool  / cleaning service

  • Training by our experienced Horse Trainer on side

  • Laundry Service (wash & fold / not ironed) 

  • Airport Shuttle every FRIDAY

  • Visa, flights, travel insurance or vaccinations are NOT included in the program fees.

What's not included:

  • Drinks

  • Flights

  • Visa   

  • Travel Insurance 

  • Vaccinations 

  • Private Airport Shuttle on other days than FRIDAY

Working/Activity hours: Your helping hand will be required on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, from 08:00 - 17:00 /  Saturday from 08:00 - 13:00 and Sundays are off.

Surround yourself with the healing and inspiring spirit of Joseph’s Dream Appaloosas, start your own African journey here and make a difference!

Artistic / Community Volunteer 

We are giving the opportunity for a limited number of young, talented artists to stay at Joseph's Dream charged according to our Volunteer Rate.

You can spend as much time as you like in our inspiring setup to practise and sharpen your art skills inspired by our horses, the local wildlife and stunning nature and silence of the African bush. 

All that is required from you is giving back to the children of Namibia and giving a limited amount of hours of art lessons to the kids from the local Hostel in the nearby community. 

If you want to apply for being one of our Art / Community Volunteers please email us under info@josephsdreamstud.com with a letter of motivation. 

Surround yourself with the healing and inspiring spirit of Joseph’s Dream Appaloosas, start your own African art journey here, reach out and make a difference in the life of others!

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