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Volunteer Safety & Behaviour Rules

We urge you to please respect our safety, behaviour and privacy rules here at JDA to insure your own and the animal’s safety and to respect the animal’s and resident’s peace.


Day-time (7AM - 5PM)

During the day you are free to roam where you like here at JDA but please ensure to close paddock gates and stable doors that you found closed behind you again and that you treat the animals in their domain and at all time with respect. There are a few things to consider during the day:

  1. Do not hang out in the waiting area of the horses in the big field behind the gates.

  2. Do not enter paddocks during feeding time where there are more than 4 horses eating.

  3. Do not enter the stallion paddocks on your own at any time.

  4. Please respect private houses & gardens & please don’t walk in the field camp without

    guide/trainer (unless you were asked to fetch your training horse from the field).

  5. Never chase any animals around, or disturb them in their routine & spaces; this applies not

    only to horses but alpacas, chicken, geese, donkeys and cows (...)

  6. Do not feed the animals except during feeding time or training sessions with rewards.

  7. Strictly no fires are allowed anywhere except at the indicated fire spots at the village

  8. Smoking only allowed in front of feed room & volunteer timetable board

Rest-time (5PM - 7AM)

At 5PM the Tackroom & Feedroom, the Horse Stables, the Alpaca Stables and the two Stable

Courtyards are closed for entry.

When the grooms lock up the stables, feedroom and courtyards at 5PM please keep out of these spaces for the animals safety and peace.

You are welcome to stroll amongst the paddocks, to the arena, the village and up to the church for a fantastic sundowner view. Please ensure to be back at the village before dark. Strictly no roaming amongst the paddocks at dark.
The closed areas are opening at 7AM in the mornings again. (Winter: 8AM)


During Training:

  1. Please at all time listen to the instructions from and respect your trainer!

  2. When mounting a horse you have to always wear your helmet.

  3. When working with a stallion on the ground you also have to wear your helmet.

  4. No Training or interacting with any horses before signing of the indemnity form.

Practising on your own:

  1. Every session with every horse needs to get approval by your trainer upfront (!)

  2. No own training before 7AM or after 5PM and strictly no training on Sundays at all.(The horses also deserve a day off :))

  3. If you want to practice on Saturdays please organise the keys for the tack room from your trainer before hand and the volunteer who takes the keys is responsible that the room is locked over lunch and after 5PM.

  4. Please be extra aware of the fact that some horses in training are pregnant and that they must stay in soft training only (no severe sweating, no stressful situations).

  5. With your trainers approval the horses you know and that know the arena you may work in the arena as well. Please only walk (not ride) the horses to the arena.

  6. Strictly no outrides without a guide. Please chat to your trainer if you would like to experience an early morning outride.


During Feeding:

  1. Please make sure to be on time for the feeding in the mornings: Summertime: 7:30 - Wintertime: 8:30

  2. Please stick to the safety rules explained by your trainer after your arrival when walking horses in and out during feeding time.

  3. Do not fetch the horses from the big field in the afternoons before feeding time, the grooms will hand them over to you outside of the gate.

  4. Do not enter the paddocks for feeding groups of horses, you are welcome to help feed in the stables where horses eat separately.

  5. Please do not feed the horses treats like carrots etc outside your training sessions as injuries happen quickly in a food-jealous group and foals can choke on the pieces.

    4) LIVING

At your Chalet:

  1. Please respect your interior and your housekeeping staff by not unnecessary messing in your units, on the linen, couches or with the towels & blankets.

  2. Strictly no smoking inside the rooms.

  3. Please note that we are a desert country with limited water; so only throw your towels into

    the laundry when needed. Thx!

  4. Please remember that this place is a retreat and keep to the rules of nature and avoid noisy

    behaviour and loud music at your units. Remember you are here to connect to nature and

    learn to listen to the magic of silence.

  5. Please do not waste power and switch fans and lights off when leaving your unit.

  6. If you are having a fireplace at your unit please make sure to never leave fire unattended and

    always kill if off completely before going to bed.

At the Communal Spaces:

  1. The kitchen house is the social hub where you can play music and be noisy together but please don’t overdo it and respect the rest period for everybody on Sandwerf from 21:00 at night.

  2. The tack room is a quiet resting & tea place between training and not a weekend or evening party place / no smoking inside the tack room.

  3. At the social places make sure the last person leaving is always killing off any fire completely


Saturday mornings your helping hands with the feeding and walking are required but there are no training lessons on Saturdays. You can go ahead with practising with your project horse if you have discussed details and got approval from your trainer on Friday. Sundays is strictly no training or practising and also no feeding duty for you.

Inspiration for some Free-Time Activities:

  1. Read a book at the hammock island in the village; you can bring some minis for your company but make sure to not leave them unattended and move them back safely to their paddocks before leaving (do always take at least two at a time).

  2. Ask for a camp-chair at the kitchen house to choose your own quiet spot at Sandwerf to sit in harmony with your favourite animals (Alpacas, minis or JD foals) to get inspired for a sketch or painting, write diary or just to relax in their presence. (Make sure to return chairs to kitchen house after use and remember strictly no fires are allowed anywhere except at the indicated fire spots at the village.)

  3. Ask at the kitchen a day before for a small picnic to be prepared to enjoy amongst the hundreds of years old camel-thorn trees just behind the arena, a truly magical space! (Please make sure to not leave anything behind and remember strictly no fires & no smoking!)

  4. Get up early and hike up the mountain opposite the road to find a fantastic view over the area. (Talk to management upfront if you would like Frederik to join as a San-Field-guide and teach you about indigenous plants and their traditional use.)

  5. Ask the management to assist to arrange game drives at nearby game farms. (Please note: this activity is on your own costs and needs to be arranged upfront.)

  6.  Ask at the kitchen for the keys to the school and do some painting or dancing lessons with our resident kids.

  7. Take a swim in our old farm dam surrounded by nature behind the stallion run-in shelters.

  8. Get creative in the kitchen over the weekend and create or assist with creating a meal with

    fresh ingredients from our garden and learn from our talented chef.

  9. Ask at the kitchen to be taught to cook a traditional Namibian Meal over the weekend.

Thank you for your cooperation and have a fantastic stay at Joseph’s Dream!





Breakfast: 7:00-7:30

Feeding & Walking: 7:30-9:00

Followed by morning Activities & Training

Lunch: 13:00-14:00

Heat Rest: 14:00 - 14:30

Afternoon program: 14:30 - 17:30

(Can vary on very hot days)

Dinner: 19:00

Breakfast Sunday: 8:00-10:00


Breakfast: 8:00-8:30

Feeding & Walking: 8:30-10:00

Tea Break: 10:00-10:30
Followed by morning Activities & Training


Lunch: 13:00-14:00

Afternoon program: 14:00 - 17:00


Dinner 18:30

Breakfast Sunday: 9:00-10:30

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