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Equine Feel & See Workshop
JD Horsemanship &
Photography Workshop

Join us on this exciting JD Equine FEEL & SEE workshop with our talented JD horsemanship trainers and world renowned Fine Art Equine Photographer Christa Merk here in the magical surroundings of Joseph’s Dream Stud and it's spotted family! 

 1 week package hosting our famous horsemanship course plus Christa's exclusive photography sessions with our JD horses! 

Location: Joseph’s Dream Stud, Retreat Farm Sandwerf, Namibia 

Dates: 20 - 27 April 2025

Price: € 2200.00


(Including Exclusive Chalet Accomodation & Full Board at Sandwerf, Photography workshop with Christa and our famous JD signature Horsemanship Lessons)

You have the option to add an exclusive 9 day photo tour with one of Namibias most celebrated Landscape photographer Roy van der Merwe to this course. Price € 3500 pp sharing.

Or to add a traditional guided 7 days Highlights of Namibia to your trip. Price € 2300 pp sharing.


Or you can add our 7 days JD signature horsemanship and Horse Riding Safari to your  package. Price € 1900 


See detail below. 

Workshop at Sandwerf Retreat


We are beyond excited about this new Feel & See Workshop with Christa Merk! A fantastic opportunity to learn from Christa and explore with your camera at JD! Plus getting a flavour of our JD horsemanship program! We believe with Christa we have found the perfect match for this workshop. Her heartfelt, emotional and also majestic equine photography art blends in wonderful with our values, view of life and impressive herd of Equines here at JD! 

You will enjoy some JD signature horsemanship lessons and learn how to live and communicate force-free and in harmony with horses during your stay. Grab this opportunity to learn from one of the world’s bests equine artists how to put our beauties into the right magical Namibian light with exclusive photography sessions and editing lessons with Christa Merk. 


View Christa's Artwork here:

What's included:


  • 7 nights accommodation in one of our luxury chalets at Sandwerf Namibia, kingsize bed, private bathroom, veranda & Mini Pool; 

  • 3 meals per day in our Sandwerf Restaurant prepared by our talented chefs on side. 

  • 4 days photography & editing sessions with Christa Merk

  • Horsemanship introduction and 2-3 private training sessions by our experienced Horse Trainer on side 

  • free airport shuttle from Windhoek HK International Airport

You can now book this once off Equine FEEL & SEE Workshop 2025 with Christa directly with us at: 

Worhshop Schedule:

Day 1 - Sunday:

Arrival Day - Enjoy a light lunch and some resting time in your luxury chalet in our tranquil Sandwerf Retreat setup before meeting Christa and the founders of JD and Sandwerf for a Meet & Greet 3 courses Dinner at our wonderful Sandwerf Restaurant.

Day 2 - Monday:

After a refreshing breakfast we start with a introduction into Christa’s work; a demonstration and discussion of examples of her work followed by an open round discussion of everyone's experience, dreams and goals to achieve in this workshop. We then embark on a JD Stable tour and gain a good orientation of Sandwerf Retreat.

After your lunch and resting time we welcome you at JD Training Centre for a horsemanship Demonstration before we are having our first Equine Photoshoot with Christa subject 'Portraits & Action' with our magnificent JD Stallions.

Day 3 - Tuesday

We are starting early at 6AM to catch the sunrise and best light of the day with a session of the herd roaming free in the African savanna.  

Enjoy a hot coffee and relaxed breakfast before heading into our first 2 hours group editing session with Christa from 10:00 12:00 

After a delicious lunch our talented JD trainer will invite you to a theory about our JD signature horsemanship followed by a group session of Bodywork for horses. 

We are catching the magical last light of the day with another photoshoot with our mares with the focus on creating maximum atmosphere in each shot. 

Day 4 - Wednesday

Be ready for another 6AM early morning photoshoot with our horses in the open field before enjoying your breakfast in the group at the restaurant or alternatively join a guided hike for sunrise with a picnic breakfast and a breathtaking view over the African Savanna.
From 9:00 - 13:00 we are offering slots for private editing sessions with Christa and private one-on-one liberty Horsemanship lessons. 

In the afternoon Christa takes us to the heart of her editing work and shows us how to create deep art from your raw photos in a group lesson and demonstration from 14:00 - 17:000

Afterwards you have the option to book a sundowner dinner in the wild this evening with Sandwerf and a private chef (extra charges apply)


Day 5 - Thursday

A fresh early breakfast is starting you into the day to be ready for  our 8:00 - 10:00 Photoshoot with our horses and Christa, focussing on our stud foals and creating stories and emotions in your pictures. 

After a delicious lunch Christa is offering another editing session about story-telling in photography from 14:00 - 17:00. Alternatively you can enjoy private one-on-one Horsemanship or riding lesson with our JD Trainers. 

We are having another late light photoshoot with the JD horses for sunset.

Day 6 - Friday

Windhoek Excursion with the opportunity to stroll the local souvenir and craft market or additional Horsemanships/riding lesson at JD Training Centre are on offer. 

Before dinner we are getting together to share our art created over the past days and open a feedback round for each other. 

Day 7 -Saturday

Last day - relax and enjoy Sandwerf Retreat and all it has to offer. You can book spa treatments, wool crafting lessons, clicker training with the miniature horses, cooking lessons with the chefs or simply enjoy your private mini pool at your chalet and dig into your book or private creative time. 

For the last night we are having a special outside dinner night with feedback discussions around the fire.

What you need to bring for the workshop

  • Your Camera (advisable is a good zoom lens or zoom ability)

  • A laptop or tablet with Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop

  • No must but always lovely to have is a diary or notebook

  • A good attitude and spontaneous mindset towards shooting with life animals in open terrain and changing weather :) 

Safari options to add to your Workshop week

This time you have three wonderful safari options to add to this workshop and to wrap up your Namibia trip with an unforgettable African adventure​

Option one: JD Horsemanship & Horse Riding Safari

Add our 7 days JD signature Horsemanship and Horse Riding Safari to your workshop and make this a truly all around African equine experience. Deepen your understanding of true connection in the specified horsemanship lessons, build a bond with your four-legged safari partner from the ground and in the saddle before heading together for 3 days into the African bush to look for giraffes, zebras and a variety of antelopes from horseback while sleeping in the exclusivity of nature in our luxury bush camp. 

Duration: 7 nights / Price: € 1900 pp (limited spots available)

Detailed Program to download here:



Option Two: Photographer's Dream Namibia Tour

Embark on a magnificent journey with one of Namibia's best known landscape photographers to explore the real scenic treasures of this country. Join talented Roy van Der Merwe (who knows this country like only few of us do) on a journey to the magnificent Namibian desert, learn about  real conservation efforts while encountering Namibia's endangered predators like cheetah, hyena & leopard, embark on the most magnificent scenic desert journey with Roy and reach all the way to our precious Namibian wild horses in the South! Doing this journey alongside a professional photographer will guarantee you the best sightings considering light, atmosphere and creativity like no other guide can. 

Duration 8 nights / Price: € 3500 pp sharing (single supplement: 700 Euro)

Detailed Program to download here:


Learn more about Namibian Photographer & artist Roy van de Merwe here:

Option Three: Top 3 Highlights of Namibia Tour 

Join a 7 day traditional guided tour to the the three most popular destination of our beloved Namibia! Our famous Sossusvlei in the Namib Desert - the stunning Namibian Coastline & our unique Etosha National Park! Namibia is one of the most breath taking countries in the world to travel! It’s unique and vast landscapes are remarkable while its raw and untouched wildlife ensures the real African experience! 

Duration 6 nights / Price € 2300 pp sharing (single supplement: 300 Euro)

Detailed Program to download here:

Additional Information

What's included:


  • 7 nights accommodation in one of our luxury chalets at Sandwerf Namibia, kingsize bed, private bathroom, veranda & Mini Pool; 

  • 3 meals per day in our Sandwerf Restaurant prepared by our talented chefs on side. 

  • 4 days photography & editing sessions with Christa Merk

  • Horsemanship introduction and 2-3 private training sessions by our experienced Horse Trainer on side 

  • free airport shuttle from Windhoek HK International Airport

During your stay at Sandwerf: 


Our peaceful and modern shaped green village provides accomodation for you during your stay in one of our unique and light chalets; each room single occupation and each room with private bathroom. Each chalet has a veranda with it's own mini pool. (See pictures below)



Three meals provided by our talented chef on side are included as well as water, juice, tea, coffee - extra drinks are not included and on your own account. 


Airport Shuttle from Hosea Kutako International Airport to Sandwerf Retreat Farm.

Extra Week

You are welcome to book extra weeks within our volunteer program directly with us to deepen your training experience and practise (horsemanship and inner calmness methods) or to (re)learn horse riding the gentle way and to practise your newly gained photography skills with our huge variety of horses at stud. 

Price:  € 950.00 per week (learn more)



Good to know


You are entering Namibia on a Tourism Visa that you will get in form of a stamp at the airport when entering into the country

(Please note only Citizen of the People’s Republic of China will need to apply for an entry visa upfront).


Travel Vaccinations recommended for Namibia are Tetanus, Hepatitis and Typhus; as recommended in general for the whole of Africa. 

General Safety & Behaviour Rules and Regulations during your stay at Stud Farm apply.

Impressions of JD Stud & Namibia Safaris

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