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Exclusive Equine Art Retreat
with Jennifer Pratt

Join this exclusive combined retreat with Canadian Equine Artist Jennifer Pratt in the magical surroundings of Joseph’s Dream Stud at our Sandwerf Retreat farm in Namibia! 

 2 weeks package hosting 10 days art workshop with Jennifer and connecting with our JD horses in a calming, healing & inspiring way! 

Location: Joseph’s Dream Stud, Retreat Farm Sandwerf, Namibia 

Dates: 20 August - 02 September 2023

Price: € 2800.00


(Including Accomodation & Full Board at Sandwerf, Training Course daily from Mon-Fri)

Please contact us via email if you would like to add a Namibia Tour after this Course to your Journey. 

Workshop Details

This unique combined Retreat is all about trusting your own intuition and the freedom to be yourself! It's not about perfection and it's most certainly not just for artists! It's for everyone who wants to enjoy the creative journey that is coming from within you and to explore and create! This course is about finding a connection to the horses from your soul and creating art in balance with and of the horses themselves from your heart! 

Let our JD heart-horses together with Jennifer take you on an unforgettable journey of sensing, seeing, capturing and creating. Our JD trainer and our gentle JD connection-training methods will teach you how to read and see the horses soul, while Jennifer will teach you to capture the equine form based on simplified shapes, triangles, circles and lines...

'I believe in sharing the idea that creating art is individual (no matter what level) and that art is a response to how and what we bring to the surface and medium - each day, each moment (relaxed, tired, nervous, past trauma etc..). It is much like working with horses and how they respond to us on any particular day and in a particular mood.'

Jennifer Pratt - Equine Artist

Daily Schedule:
8:00  Breakfast to the sound of our beautiful African birdlife 
9:00 - 13:00 Daily Art classes with Jennifer from Monday to Friday 
(with Tea-breaks)
13:00 -14:00 Lunch Break 
14:00 -16:00 Horsemanship lesson with JD Trainer - Trust Exercises - Healing Bodywork & Liberty Training / or practising your art skills surrounded by JD horse family (free choice) 
16:00 Hours of the magical light... private time to enjoy your luxury chalet and the surrounding beauty at Sandwerf
18:30 Dinner to a stunning Afrian sunset (every night! :))
Saturdays & Sundays no sessions.
Study or relax time!
(Extra activities on offer, details see below.)
Topics you will cover in the art course: 
  • Using the equine model from life, learn with your hands on the form 
  • Simplify conformation using simple shapes which make up the structure of the animal 
  • Loosen up with Quick Gestures of the horses in the field 
  • Develop Alla Prima painting skills in oil with your own expression using reduction techniques
  • Mix a range of equine colours in oil
  • Tips & Tricks on flowing wet edges to create movement & expression
  • Find your colours to create paintings unique to you!


Program Summary

Surround yourself with the healing and inspiring spirit of Joseph’s Dream Appaloosas in the silence of the African bush! Learn new techniques and sharpen your artistic skills! Get inspired by our huge variety of colourful horses living natural in a herd environment in Namibia's untouched nature and get to know our philosophy how to live with horses and nature with respect and in harmony first-hand!

Art is more than the process of drawing or painting; it is a way to see and feel and live. You will feel home and at peace here with us to reach the deepest level of inspiration and flow! You’ll have time to recharge, relax and just absorb the beauty of Namibia's stunning nature, free roaming wildlife and our gorgeous horse family. 

This retreat is set out to teach you confidence in being yourself and expressing yourself and all the hidden talents & gifts within you.. It is to unlock your very own creativity in a safe and natural environment and in a joyful way! The horsemanship lessons (no must to attend), filled with healing bodyworks, liberty training and trust exercises, will teach you how to read and see the horse with your full senses; which will not only help you to communicate with horses in future but also change your view on approaching them. This retreat will l open up a different way for you of truly seeing their soul and capturing the horse's personality in your creative process. 

This retreat is about feel and touch and we will start with painting on the horse itself to understand the essence of shapes... Sharpen your senses, trust your senses and simply be you - amongst wonderful four-legged friends and therapists that will support you on this exciting journey! Leave your own critic behind and create and express freely together with Jennifer:

Practice creativity exercises to free your mind using oil and cold wax medium and allow yourself to work intuitively. Allow for possibilities beyond realism, layered with history of the creative process. Cold Wax Medium: Is a mixture of natural beeswax, some solvent and a small amount of alkyd resin. It has a buttery, almost cake frosting-like texture when mixed and allows for multi-layered transparent to opaque layers to be applied. Taking your Skills home: Working from your own material. Taking reference photos, what makes good photos to work from? Translate your life experience from photographs into paintings...

Take your time and breathe in the stunning and intense African nature, colourful sunrises and sunsets everyday and let your soul be filled up by the incredible concert of nature in these magical hours of the day! View our free roaming game at our local waterhole at dusk or dig into a book at your private luxury terrace of your chalet. Enjoy a dip into your private sitting pool on your veranda with a glass of wine. Take a stroll amongst the paddocks and meet our affectionate JD foals & Alpacas or indulge in some sweet cuddles from our Mini Donkeys and Mini Horses... Take some free time to practise your newly gained art skills on your own... 


Our peaceful and modern shaped green village provides accomodation for you during your stay in one of our classy chalets with private toilet and bathroom. Our limited number of maximum 10 participants for this special retreat ensures that the desired family character of the whole experience stays alive and provides the opportunity for personal attention and questions.

To book your stay with us for this special Healing Balance Equine Retreat please email: 

A 50% deposit is due with your reservation. We will email you all further booking info on your inquiry for this course. 

Get inspired!

Learn more about Jennifer's Art:

Together we will take you on an unforgettable healing & creative journey here in our little paradise on earth! 

Book your spot for your
here at Josephs's Dream Stud Namibia today!  
Additional Information

What's included:


  • 2 weeks accommodation in one of our stunning chalets at Sandwerf Namibia, kingsize bed & private bathroom & Mini Pool;  breakfast, lunch, supper and laundry service

  • Daily Art classes with Jennifer & training sessions with JD Trainer (Monday-Fridays) 

  • Student contact with Jennifer Pratt to share your artistic journey after the Retreat

During your stay at Sandwerf: 


Our peaceful and modern shaped green village provides accomodation for you during your stay in one of our unique and light chalets; each room single occupation and each room with private bathroom. Each chalet has a veranda with it's own mini pool. (See pictures below)



Three meals provided by our talented chef on side are included as well as water, juice, tea, coffee - extra drinks are not included and on your own account. 




Airport Shuttle from Hosea Kutako International Airport to Sandwerf Retreat Farm: € 35.00 per person 


Windhoek & Katutura Town-tour (Day Tour)  € 75.00 (lunch included)

Additional Day Tour Safaries at neighbouring private Conservation Park (Elephants, Lions, Rhinos, giraffes and cheetahs on side)  € 249.00

(Offered by Marula Conservation Park Namibia directly; prices are subject to change) 

Extra Week

You are welcome to book extra weeks within our volunteer program directly with us to deepen your training experience and practise (horsemanship and inner calmness methods) or to (re)learn horse riding the gentle way and to practise your newly gained Parelli skills with our huge variety of horses at stud. 

Price:  € 950.00 per week (learn more)



Good to know


You are entering Namibia on a Tourism Visa that you will get in form of a stamp at the airport when entering into the country

(Please note only Citizen of the People’s Republic of China will need to apply for an entry visa upfront).


Travel Vaccinations recommended for Namibia are Tetanus, Hepatitis and Typhus; as recommended in general for the whole of Africa. Please note that we are located in a non-malaria area (90km from Windhoek). No malaria prophylaxes required.  

General Safety & Behaviour Rules and Regulations during your stay at Stud Farm apply.

What to bring for the Art Course with Jennifer: 

Material List (we will email you a copy of the list with your booking confirmation):

  • 9" x 12" Canvas Pad Block

  • Palette or Palette Paper

  • Palette knife (longish around 3" with some flex)

  • Box of Q-Tips

  • Oil Paints: Titanium Zinc White, Titanium White, Warm White, Paynes Grey, Portland Cool Grey (Gamblin), Cadmium Yellow light, Yellow Green or Cadmium light Green, Virdian Green, Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin Crimson, Quinacridone Red, Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna, Raw Umber, Naples Yellow deep (not light), Cadmium Yellow pale and a few of your favourite colours! For example: Petal Turquoise, Indian Yellow, Chinese Orange... (preferred brands: Gamblin, Windsor Newton, Utrecht, Sennelier)

  • Brushes: #2 Round / #2 #4 #6 Bright / #2 Flat / #6 Bright Angular / a few hog bristle brushes for scrubbing (can be old and gnarly) / any of your favourite...

  • Cold Wax Medium 

  • Wax Paper

  • Camera for taking reference photos to be printed for lesson

  • optional: Mahl Stick / latex gloves / apron

    Because you cannot travel wit canvas panels we will have canvas panels available for purchase at Sandwerf for this Retreat. 

Impressions of Sandwerf & JD Stud 

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