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We would like to congratulate Ramona J Butler (42) from South Africa for winning our JD Art Competition 2021 with this amazingly expressive Oil painting of our young stud Kwando! Well done, Ramona! We are looking forward welcoming you here for your free-week stay and having you meet Kwando in person!

We would like to thank everybody out there for participating and will still publish some more artwork that made it into the last round of judging here on our JD profile! The competition has been such an inspiration and success that we will repeat it yearly from now!

While judging all entries for our JD Art Competition it was a tricky task to put all work in relation to the artist’s different ages! We therefor decided in the process on a Youth Winner (under 21 years of age) additional to the overall winner and will give another 1 week free stay at JD Stud away for this price. And it is going to Hannah Metke (19) from Germany for this gorgeous detailed drawing of little Leon! Congratulations, Hannah and well done!

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