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Parelli Retreat 2023

Bookings are now open!

For our 2023 Parelli Retreat with licensed 3 Star instructor Usula Schuster!

Learn from Ursula how to find your own language based on the foundation of the Parelli principles and her lifelong experience she will share with you! Our natural living horses with their different horsenalities will teach you to sharpen your senses and how to first listen to these amazing animals before starting to communicate. You will learn how to read the horse as individual and how to approach this in a unique training way while using the ingredients of your newly gained methods in the right dose and timing. We are taking it slow during this retreat and are respecting the horses as well as your personal pace and feelings and the nature around us. As always here at JD we can promise that you will learn at least as much about yourself like you will learn about horses...

Sign up today:

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