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Fine Art & Photography Retreats

For 2023 we are for the first time hosting some exclusive Fine Art & Equine Photography Courses in cooperation with some of the world best Equine Artists! 

These all inclusive courses hosted here on our wonderful retreat farm amongst our spotted family are 10-21 days long. These exclusive courses have a limited number of 8 or 10 participants per course. Please reserve your spot in time! 

Get inspired by our fantastic Namibian light, our unique nature and our huge variety of horse beauties of all shapes and ages! 

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Horsemanship Workshops & Retreats

Communication is the key through life... 

On top of our  Equine Volunteer Program that always offers a unique package of horsemanship training within the program we are offering exclusive Horsemanship Courses and Retreats. 

Experience life in total harmony with nature, living and communicating with horses. An amazing opportunity to gain confidence and connect with gentle horses from the ground surrounded by the magic of Namibia's quiet and unique nature!

Circle of Trust

E X C L U S I V E   J D
H O R S E M A N S H I P  P R O G R A M M E 
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JUNE 10 - 24  

JULY 08 - 22

AUGUST 14 - 28

NOVEMBER 12 - 26

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