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Introduction to
Equine Osteopathy 

with Anja Maria Weber ​

2 weeks package hosting our famous JD signature horsemanship course plus Anja's Equine Osteopathy course with our JD horses! 

Location: Joseph’s Dream Stud, Retreat Farm Sandwerf, Namibia 

Dates: 02 - 16 December 2023

Price as Exclusive Guest: € 2500.00

Price as additional course within our Equine Volunteer Program: €500


(Including Accomodation & Full Board at Sandwerf, Horsemanship Course, Daily Equine Osteopath Sessions (Mon-Fri)

Workshop Details


We are excited to share with you the last highlight of this year for our JD training program. We are welcoming certified Equine Osteopath Anja Maria Weber to Joseph’s Dream Stud & Training Centre for her ‘Introduction to Equine Osteopathy’ course.


Gain insights into this holistic approach of understanding problems and it’s causes in the equine body. 

Equine Osteopathy is a drug free, manual therapy that aims to improve the mobility and function of the horse’s skeleton, muscles, ligaments, joints, nerves and organs, – collectively known as the musculoskeletal & nervous systems.

Osteopathic treatments, when combined with an in-depth understanding of the complexity of the body – its links/pathways, arteries and nerves, can assist to gain back a free flow of nutrition and oxygen to the tissues. 

Learn from Anja how to diagnose problems of imbalances or restrictions that influence the correct functioning of the joints, muscles, ligaments, spine and organs in your horse.

You can not only book this course while staying as an exclusive guest combined with your JD signature horsemanship & liberty lessons but also join this course as part of our Equine Volunteer program.

Book your spot at: 

Daily Schedule as Exclusive Guest:
  • 8:00-9:00  Breakfast to the sound of our beautiful African birdlife 

  • 9:00 Horsemanship Module Theory followed by Demo 

  • 10:30 - 13:00 Private Horsemanship lessons with JD Trainer (split up in 30 Minutes slots per Person)  - when not having your private lesson you are free to watch others or join Anja treating horses.

  • 13:00 -14:30 Lunch 

  • 14:30 -15:00 Equine Osteopathic Theory or Demo

  • 15:00-16:00 Equine Osteopathic Treatment Demo on horse or treatment on horse with chance to feel & touch

  • 16:00-17:00 Treatment on horse group sessions or 'sharpen your eye' session with Anja diagnosing during JD Trainer's training session with horse

  • 17:00 Hours of the magical atmosphere... private time to enjoy your luxury chalet and the surrounding beauty at Sandwerf 

  • 19:00 Dinner to a stunning Afrian sunset (every night! :))

Saturdays & Sundays no sessions. 
(Extra activities on offer, details see below.)

Joining the course as a Volunteer your are joining the daily Volunteer schedule of Training and chores in the morning and then join the full afternoon Equine Osteopathy program with Anja. 

Program Summary

A personal JD horsemanship journey to a greater and more holistic understanding of the horse's body health and free movement.

We developed our exclusive JD Horsemanship program over the years of teaching our equine volunteers our unique and heartfelt connection with our horses. We shaped and adjusted our program over the years working with so many different personalities and age groups of horses and learning from the best international trainers teaching us further here at JD. We developed our very own flavour and created a unique formula out of the different type of training ingredients that we felt were aligning with our JD philosophy.

In this course you will gain a good insight into our gentle JD Horsemanship training methods and one-on-one sessions on a relaxed and exclusive holiday base plus valuable insights into Equine Osteopathy and the different fields it can improve the horse's health and joy in movement! You will also learn more about our philosophy behind our training and that living and communicating with horses is not all about training but rather about understanding and feel! 

Learn to truly live with and train horses force free and with respect & love and experience the joy and freedom of this!

Topics you will cover in the daily horsemanship theory & demo sessions and from which you can choose your daily private training lesson: 

  • Module 1: Our Foundation of JD Horse Training / mindset / stage of mind / bodylanguage / the 3 training energies  

  • Module 2: Our tools - develop feel / flagwork / groundmanners / be & become equal partners 

  • Module 3: Liberty - tricks & challenges 

  • Module 4: Bodywork & awareness / sharpen your eyes and senses

  • Module 5: 'Parking' & riding / seat training / riding from feel

  • Module 6: Reward-based-training / target training

  • Module 7: Biomechanics / healthy movement / balance / in-hand work / healthy working on the circle versus lunging

  • Module 8: Trusting techniques & mindful sharing / building confidence from true connection

  • Module 9: Horses in natural environment & herd live / become one with a natural group of horses / meeting the herd in the field in wild nature

  • We are closing off the 2nd week with beautiful outrides into the African bush and Q&A rounds with JD  founder & owner Annika

Topics you will cover in the Equine Osteopathic Sessions with Anja: 

  • Module 1: What is Equine Osteopathy and where can it help!

  • Module 2: Parietale System / Muscles, ligaments, bones 

  • Module 3: Viszerale System / Organs 

  • Module 4: Cranio-Sacral System / Nerves 

  • Module 5: Fascia 

  • Module 6: Eye & gait training 

  • Module 7: Mind & Soul

  • Module 8: Massage Techniques 

  • Module 9: Stretching Techniques 

  • Module 10: Pressure Points 


Logistic and Prices 

We are accommodating any level of experience in this course as the exclusive one-on-one practise lessons allow us to adjust the training pace to your individual pace and needs. No age restrictions for this program. (Under 17 must be accompanied by an adult) 


02 - 16 December 2023 

Price: € 2500.00


(Including Accomodation & Full Board at Sandwerf, Training Course daily from Mon-Fri)

Please contact us via email if you would like to add a Namibia Tour after this Course to your Journey. ​


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Get inspired!

Together we will take you on an unforgettable healing & heartfelt journey here in our little paradise on earth! 

Book your spot for this holistic workshop with Anja Maria Weber
here at Josephs's Dream Stud Namibia today!  
Additional Information

What's included:


  • 2 weeks accommodation in one of our stunning chalets at Sandwerf Namibia, kingsize bed & private bathroom & Mini Pool;  breakfast, lunch, supper and laundry service

  • Horsemanship training by our experienced Horse Trainer on side (Mondays - Fridays)

  • Daily Equine Osteopathy sessions with Anja Weber (Monday-Fridays) 

During your stay at Sandwerf: 


Our peaceful and modern shaped green village provides accomodation for you during your stay in one of our unique and light chalets; each room single occupation and each room with private bathroom. Each chalet has a veranda with it's own mini pool. (See pictures below)



Three meals provided by our talented chef on side are included as well as water, juice, tea, coffee - extra drinks are not included and on your own account. 




Airport Shuttle from Hosea Kutako International Airport to Sandwerf Retreat Farm: € 35.00 per person 


Windhoek & Katutura Town-tour (Day Tour)  € 75.00 (lunch included)

Additional Day Tour Safaries at neighbouring private Conservation Park (Elephants, Lions, Rhinos, giraffes and cheetahs on side)  € 249.00

(Offered by Marula Conservation Park Namibia directly; prices are subject to change) 

Extra Week

You are welcome to book extra weeks as an exclusive equine guests directly with us to deepen your training experience and practise (horsemanship and inner calmness methods) or to (re)learn horse riding the gentle way with our huge variety of horses at stud. 

Price:  € 950.00 per week (learn more)



Good to know


You are entering Namibia on a Tourism Visa that you will get in form of a stamp at the airport when entering into the country

(Please note only Citizen of the People’s Republic of China will need to apply for an entry visa upfront).


Travel Vaccinations recommended for Namibia are Tetanus, Hepatitis and Typhus; as recommended in general for the whole of Africa. 

General Safety & Behaviour Rules and Regulations during your stay at Stud Farm apply.

Impressions of Sandwerf & JD Stud 

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