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Equine FEEL & SEE Workshop

Equine FEEL & SEE Workshop 2023!

JD Horsemanship & Photography Workshop + 7 days Safari Namibia

02 -23 April 2023

We are having a super special once-in-a-lifetime opportunity coming up for all of you out there who would love to join our horsemanship program and also take the most out of our amazing equine photography opportunities here at Joseph’s Dream and stunning Namibia!

With top Equine Photographer Minh Dan Vu you can join us for this limited number workshop in April 2023 within our horsemanship volunteer program!

You will join our horsemanship program and learn how to live and communicate force-free and in harmony with horses and also learn from one of the world’s bests how to put our beauties into the right magical Namibian light with daily exclusive photography sessions with Minh Dan Vu.

As a cherry on top you will join a 7 day tour together with Minh to the the three most popular destination of our beloved Namibia! Our famous Sossusvlei in the Namib Desert - the stunning Namibian Coastline & our unique Etosha National Park!

Make friends and memories for life in this exclusive offer for 2023 and don’t loose out on this super unique opportunity! We only take a limited number of 8 participants for this special!

Bookings are now open! More info here!

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