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Equine Volunteer

Exciting news! Allthough not officially open to the public yet, in 2020 we are opening our doors for a few selected volunteers who want to become part of the journey building up our guest and Equine Assisted Therapy program! You can learn the basics of Natural Horsemanship from our talented San Trainer Jakob, help training & backing horses or get involved with our children program creating opportunities of healing with horses for disadvantaged children in cooperation with the Kayamoja ArtConnects Trust. You will also be involved in the daily care taking of our 30 stud horses and their foals, our miniature horses & 40+ Alpacas & crias 😃! You will gain lots of insights into stud management, feeding and general horse health. Surround yourself with the healing and inspiring spirit of Joseph’s Dream Appaloosas, start your own African journey here and make a difference! If you are interested drop us an email with some info about your experience level in horsetraining or (/and) your motivation why Joseph’s Dream is the place for you to be at: Helpful skills: Experience with horses / people skills / experience with children / team spirit / artistic skills / kind spirit & a good heart ❤ If you are green with horses and come to learn yourself then what you need to be to apply is: An animal lover! 😊 We are looking forward hearing from you! Minimum length of stay 2 weeks / max 3 months / cost 450 Euro per week (including airport shuttle) / more info and pics to follow soon & on request 😊

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