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R.I.P. dear Beauty

With a heavy heart I am sharing the shocking news with you today that we lost our dear Beauty yesterday evening to a horrific colic. I found her in the stables on the evening round heavily bloated and rolling in the stables. Covered in cold sweat already we took immediate action with painkillers, calling out the vet and started walking her. Not even an hour later she passed away before the vet even made it here with a rock hard bloated belly I have never seen before in my life.

She left behind her 3 weeks old filly foal Anna who kept us going through the night.

Beauty was fighting until the last minute and I hold her head and promised her that we will take care of Anna. Only Minutes after she collapsed she died.

We will miss you dearly! We still had such great plans together here for you at Joseph's Dream!

Run free, gorgeous Beauty! I am grateful for the little time we had together and it was a privilege and inspiration to get to know your wise soul!

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