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Run free, little Yumi!

It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this post to share with you that we lost our 2 1/2 half days old Yumi Saturday afternoon.

Thank you all for your immense support in prayers and thoughts It was especially hard as we lost little Yumi during her IV fluid treatment.

Run free, beautiful little Yumi! It is heartbreaking to know that you grew for 11 months in your mothers womb just to live for two days on this earth! It will be a difficult one to let go off...

As for our dear Kleintjie, beautiful Juliette chose to comfort her. I know from her breeder that Juliette had lost her maiden foal to a broken leg with only a few days old two years back still in South Africa... She shadowed Kleintjie until dark through the paddock and through her up and down searching and walking. Kleintjie got calmer and calmer and Juliette comforted her through the entire night.

Since this morning the two are inseparably and although Kleintjie's eyes look broken she is calm and moving with the herd, with Juliette by her side every step she takes...

And maybe Juliette's precious girl is running on the other side of the rainbow bridge together with Yumi...

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