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Welcome Joseph's Dream White Feather

A little delayed we officially welcome Joseph’s Dream White Feather to the Joseph’s Dream Family! 💕🙌 This sweet girl didn’t have an easy start into life! Born Thursday morning 4:30 with slightly underdeveloped lungs she was too weak to get up and had to be bottle-fed at her first day of life, then only one day old she felt very sick and we were fighting for her life… 🙏 Today she is much stronger and walking next to proud and caring Mama Aspri! White Feather was sired by Kondos Comanche at the Kondos Appaloosa Stud in SA and this is also our first official introduction of her gorgeous Mom Kondos Aspri who arrived several month ago at the Joseph’s Dream Stud! May both of you, mother and daughter have a long and happy life here with us in Namibia!

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