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Welcome to Joseph's Dream!

Aktualisiert: 7. Nov. 2020

We still have some amazing news and a little exciting story for you... So last Friday the Namibian National Appaloosa Show took place just outside of Windhoek and we drove in to greet and support our breeder friends and view the horses. Unfortunately we couldnt stay the whole day and we only saw the showing of the mares. When driving out we spotted this stunning two year old colt getting ready for the show and we immediately felt in love and inquired about the possibility of him joining our Joseph‘s Dream herd... We were blessed to hear the 'yes' from the fantastic Namibian Appy breeder Elize Cilliers and absolutely thrilled hearing later that night that he became ‚Champion of Champions‘ and on top of it took the title ‚most colourful Appaloosa‘ the next day! We would congratulate Elize on this amazing achievement and having bred such an outstanding Appaloosa horse! At the same time we would like to express our gratitude to her for entrusting us with this gorgeous boy! We are over the moon having him here with us at Joseph's Dream!

A warm welcome to Cilliers FD Smartie Sensation! ✨💕

And he already got his stable name as well after only three days with us our team calls him Kwando. May your life be blessed with us!

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