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Aktualisiert: 2. Jan. 2021

The official welcome to our young stud Mount Magic Silver Lining. ✨ This stunning youngster will be bred to 2-3 selected mares this season as part of our diluted base coat sport and family horse breeding program. (No worries, he is not part of our traditional clean bred Appaloosa program.) Silver is no Appy but carries the very rare silver gene plus a cream gene, which makes him a super rare silver smoky black and gives him his incredible unique coloured coat! Being bred to our true black fewspot mares we are having a great chance for a silver dapple Appy coat colour or silver smoky black Appy coat colour! An exciting new journey on the colour side and a longtime personal dream! Thank you, Michelle from Mount Magic Stud, SA for entrusting us with this very special boy and his equally gorgeous and sweet half sister Mellow!

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